What to Expect for Group Classes

Should I Take A Group Class or Private Lesson?

While a benefit of group classes is the social aspect, group classes are for dogs who are already comfortable with other dogs and people and can focus on learning.  Group classes are not for “socializing” as that is a limited developmental period.  If your dog is at all uncomfortable with dogs or people you should do inquire about a private lesson.

Which Class Should I Take?

See our chart.  If you have further questions, please ask.

How Do I Register?

Online on the website. If you have difficulty, please contact us.  Registration is not guaranteed unless paid in advance.  Email or call for private lessons.

Are There Refunds or Make-Up Classes?

Refunds for cancellations of class or private sessions 7 days prior to start date will be issued at 100%.

After 7 days prior to the start date there are no refunds, credit, or make-ups for missed classes or private lessons.  If a session is canceled by Woof Wise for weather or other reasons it will be rescheduled and not necessarily on the same day or time of week or the same trainer.  If it cannot be rescheduled a refund will be issued.

What Vaccinations Does My Dog Need?

Dogs must be current on vaccination for rabies, distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus or a statement from a licensed veterinarian provided for exception.

What Equipment Do I Need?

No prong, choke, or shock collars are permitted on premises.  Dogs should wear flat buckle, snap, or martingale collars or body harnesses with a 4--6’ non-retractable leash.  Dogs must remain on leash at all times unless specifically instructed otherwise by a Woof Wise trainer.

Bring plenty of tasty, high value treats!! A variety of treats is best.  Many dogs have special dietary requirements or allergies.  Do not feed another person’s dog without permission.

Bring bags to clean up after your pet as you are responsible to do so both inside and outside the building.

Can I Bring My Children to Class?

We encourage the family to attend training.  However no children under the age of 12 are allowed on the first class.  All children must be able to remain seated and be under parental supervision.  An additional liability waiver will be provided.

Should I Bring My Dog if He is Sick?

Do not bring your dog if he is vomiting, coughing, has diarrhea, is not eating, has discharge, etc.  If in doubt if your dog is sick, please contact your veterinarian.

Can My Dog Say Hello?

Do not allow your dog to greet another dog or person without permission from the other person.

Can My Dog Be Removed from Class?

Woof Wise reserves the right to remove a dog from class or private session for any reason.  An alternate class or private lesson will be offered and if none available a refund will be issued on a pro-rated basis.

What If My Check Bounces?

A return payment by your bank or credit card co will result in $35 service charge in addition to the balance due